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Diving Down Under

great barrier reef

There are many reasons to take a trip Down Under, and scuba diving is one of them. Diving is available year round so any time should be fine. Just remember that the season are reversed from the northern hemisphere. The Great Barrier Reef is the leading tourist destination in the country. Cairns pulls in the […]

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Indonesia Liveaboards

indonesia liveaboards

Destination updates Indonesia is becoming more popular. The last few years has seen some major changes in the popularity of different liveaboard destinations. Scientific studies, political issues and environmental reports on the health on the Great Barrier Reef has caused some unsettled conditions in Queensland Australia. While the liveaboards that are diving the Great Barrier […]

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LCU (LCT) Subic Dive Site

LCU (LCT) Subic Dive Site Type of Site: Ship wreck Depth range: 10-21 meters (35-75 feet) Length: 119 feet plus surrounding reef Skill Levels: Open Water. Advance Open Water Current: Generally calm Visibility: 5-15 meters Average Dive Time Recreational Diver: 45-60 minutes Mooring Line: Attached to Winch on hull, Port side aft Nitrox: Dive Site: […]

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Nitrox Diving Subic Bay

Nitrox Diving Subic Bay While you prepare your gear for a dive, you might see a few divers with dive cylinders marked Nitrox. You will see them attaching a small device to the cylinder, take a reading and recording the information. They are verifying the oxygen content of their tanks, a step in preparing to […]

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