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A Skyraider Airplane Found


  As all of our diving friends out there know, Johan’s takes great strides to protect our wrecks, as well as always on the look out for new dive sites. Recently, we have discovered an aircraft at the limit of deep certified recreational divers. The engine is detached, but other than that it is in […]

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USS New York-Dive Site

USS New York 8 inch Gun Subic Bay Dive site Johans beach and dive resort

USS New York ARC-2/ USS Saratoga / USS Rochester Type of Site: Ship wreck Depth range: 18 to 28 meters ( See Technical Note) Length: 117 meters Skill Levels: Advance, Photography, Wreck diver, Deep diver, Technical Diver, Technical Wreck Diver Current: Generally calm, some mild current at tide change Visibility: 5-20 meters subject to rapidly […]

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