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Welcome to the companion site of Johan's Beach and Dive Resort. Here you will find out the latest going-ons around the resort and Subic Bay. The main site will still be the best source for room information, the menus and diving programs.

Advance Open Water Diving

USS New York 8 inch Gun Subic Bay Dive site Johans beach and dive resort

When you earned your Open Water Diver certification, the world of scuba diving opened up to you. Your Certification (C-Card) shows that you met the course requirements. Dive centers and resorts require proof of certification before they will rent scuba equipment or fill scuba cylinders. As a Padi Open Water, you will be trained to […]

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A Skyraider Airplane Found


  As all of our diving friends out there know, Johan’s takes great strides to protect our wrecks, as well as always on the look out for new dive sites. Recently, we have discovered an aircraft at the limit of deep certified recreational divers. The engine is detached, but other than that it is in […]

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Are You a Part of the 21.7% ?

Subic bay diver

Reactivate or Check Out Dive Recently DEMA released the results of a survey of over 24,000 scuba divers. They revealed that 77.1% of those surveyed consider themselves active divers. While 21.7% consider themselves as inactive divers. Of those that consider themselves active, When broken down to last time they were diving 11.8% had not been […]

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