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LCU (LCT) Subic Dive Site

LCU (LCT) Subic Dive Site Type of Site: Ship wreck Depth range: 10-21 meters (35-75 feet) Length: 119 feet plus surrounding reef Skill Levels: Open Water. Advance Open Water Current: Generally calm Visibility: 5-15 meters Average Dive Time Recreational Diver: 45-60 minutes Mooring Line: Attached to Winch on hull, Port side aft Nitrox: Dive Site: […]

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Advance Open Water Diving

USS New York 8 inch Gun Subic Bay Dive site Johans beach and dive resort

When you earned your Open Water Diver certification, the world of scuba diving opened up to you. Your Certification (C-Card) shows that you met the course requirements. Dive centers and resorts require proof of certification before they will rent scuba equipment or fill scuba cylinders. As a Padi Open Water, you will be trained to […]

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